Role of the Chief Range Safety Officer and Range Safety Officers

The Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) has overall responsibility for the safe handling and shooting of guns anywhere on the range property as directed by the Range Standard Operation Procedures.

Currently, the CRSO at Black Diamond Gun Club is Bob Sadesk.

The Range Safety Officer (RSO) supervises shooting activities as prescribed by the range Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).

The RSO supervises shooting activities as prescribed by the range SOP's.  The RSO needs to be on the firing line and in a location that allows the best control of the firing line.  It is the RSO duty to maintain order on the range.  The RSO ensures that the shooters follow the range regulations which prevents possible property damage and personal injury.  Some insurance companies will give ranges a reduced insurance rate for having a RSO on duty.  The security of firearms and equipment on the range is primarily the responsibility of the owner of the property, however, the RSO and other shooters should be concerned for each other.

The Range Officer (RO), as referred to in NRA Competitive Rule Books, is not required to take the NRA RSO course.  The RO follows the NRA Rule Book and range SOP's when conducting NRA competitive shooting matches.

The RSO represents shooters, clubs, businesses, and the NRA.  They are shooting sports ambassadors, which is a great responsibility.  One of the first authority figures new shooters meet on the range is the RSO.  Set the standard: Safety is never compromised and RSOs are always professional, friendly, helpful, understanding, and honest.

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