Women's Basic Pistol Shooting Class Description

This class is for ladies only.  In a relaxed and fun environment, you will learn the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for safely owning and using a pistol.  Class size is limited to 8 students.  Guns and ammunition are included in the tuition, along with lunch. The class utilizes 22lr pistols, .38 revolvers, and 9mm semi-automatic pistols.  Basic training includes: stance, grip, sighting, trigger pull, loading/unloading/dry fire and live fire.  Tuition is $125.

2018 Class Dates



March 18, 2018

April 15, 2018

May 20, 2018

July 15, 2018

September 16, 2018

October 21, 2018

November 18, 2018

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