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We recently received the following testimonial for the Women’s Pistol Class
dated 3/17/2008

Hi Everybody,

I was a part of the Women's Pistol class yesterday, and I wanted to say thank you for providing this opportunity. I found it to be a very valuable and enjoyable experience, and one that I will recommend to many other women.

I am a strong believer in the saying that "Knowledge is power", and the information and instruction that Jack and all of the support staff provided us with yesterday was very empowering in relationship to understanding and using a pistol. Knowledge, and therefore understanding, also help to dispel unfounded fear, and this class certainly provides women with the chance to move past that fear, into a place of more confidence in their own abilities.

Because Jack, and all of the men made it very safe, and very comfortable, we were provided with the perfect learning environment.

They made it easy for us to focus only on what we were there to learn.

I look forward to coming back to the club soon to continue to work on my skill level, and therefore my confidence level.

Again, thank you for making this class available to women, and for the amazing staff!




dated 7/21/2011


I just wanted to thank all of the instructors who participated in the women's pistol class on the 17th.

I got everything I expected from the class and more.  I was so afraid of failing, of not being able to "hit the targets" or that I would not "fit in" having never handled a pistol before.  Any concerns I had when I found out some of the participants, already experienced with pistols, were forgotten as soon as the class beganI appreciated everyone's kindness and willingness to share their knowledge. I was amazed at how I went from feeling clumsy and unsure while handling the guns to feeling like they were just an extension of my arm...and like it was second nature to have one in my hands.  I was very impressed with the emphasis on safety as a true reality check of what can and does happen when people are careless.

I truly am hooked and will be joining the club next pay check the 30th. I followed your advice and contacted the Marksman in Puyallup and will be going there for a two hour private session to fine tune and build on what I gained from your class and to try some different guns to find out which one will be the first of probably many purchases!.    I  tell everyone my horses and kids are gone,  I have found a new passion that will prove to be just as expensive! ;o)


Thank you all again.